Ya gotta love an anniversary

August 27, 2018

by Rob Zdravevski

Warning: Fear-mongering is nigh.

Perspective will be required in the coming month as you’ll start hearing about the commiserations and “celebrations” relating to the 10 year anniversary surrounding the commencement of the “Global Financial Crisis”.

I’m already seeing and hearing of new book releases, podcasts and videos citing the continued risk that central bank intervention and interference stills holds over the financial world.

Well, whether that’s the case is one thing, however my message is that these pundits have all been wrong over the past 10 years and this anniversary is their chance to scare you again.

The U.S. stockmarket has more than quadrupled from its 2009 low. That’s a total return of 415%  in 10 years…..

It’s another lesson how the media and humans generally use anniversaries to remind ourselves of fear and traumatic events.

Anniversary headlines such as the 9/11 attacks, acts of war, airplane crashes, financial panics, human massacres & weather catastrophes are just some incidents that are “rejoiced” through the media, not only to sell “airtime” but also keep us in check with that primal fear of loss.

There is skill in navigating through and around the “noise” when you couple it with the business of probability.