It All Starts With A Currency

Pick a currency ?

September 12, 2019


Whether you know it or not, the first question answered when initiating an investment is, “What currency is the investment being made in”.

Have a think about this one?

My questions today are…… In which currency do you hold your investments?

Why do we default to mainly (or only) using the currency of our domicile?

If I’m an Australian domiciled investor, why does making an invest in an asset priced in SGD, USD, CAD, EUR…….all seem so foreign (pun intended)?

Often and many hold 100% of their assets in a single currency.

This is not a message solely about risk but instead opportunity.

To re-phrase it, perhaps it’s about positioning your portfolio for better or smoothed performance.

It all starts with which currency you choose to make the investment in……. ……then or simultaneously it’s analysing the the actual asset.

One of my thoughts for the year ahead……… Why isn’t 10% of a portfolio held in Bitcoin ?


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