Fancy Named Products Are Not A Path Towards Building Wealth

June 9, 2019
by Rob Zdravevski
I just went through the Forbes billionaires list……and not one of them made it there by investing in “Capital Protected Notes”, “Alpaca Farming Schemes”, a “Market Neutral” Hedge Fund, a “Guaranteed Fixed Income Yielding” or “Knock-In Knock-Out Put Options over the Japanese Yen” type of products.
Just sayin’
It’s a repeating case of most wealth is created by people who have started, bought and/or worked in their businesses while others have done it through real estate or stock investment and inheritance has also been a good strategy.
Be mindful of what is being sold and promoted to you.
Ask yourself questions why something is being touted to you and who stands to benefit from your money being invested in it.


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