Conservative Management of Your Wealth & Super


For over 25 years, it has been my daily business to recognise investment themes and trends, find and analyse opportunities in the equity markets and then build and manage the client portfolios.

I'm trying to achieve an adequate return on your money whilst taking the least possible risk.

How We
Do It

Individuals and their families hire my service to build and manage their Australian or Global equity portfolios for a fixed monthly fee.

You receive advice, I help you with placing the orders or opening a brokerage account, though keep in mind you can hold your assets and accounts with any bank, broker or custodian of your choice.

I'm trying to find equity investments which we think can provide an appropriate return when compared to the risk being taken.

This is what is called absolute investing not relative.

As investors, I believe in being patient, building portfolios slowly, insist on buying bargains & having well founded, contrarian ideas.

As a client, I think you should hold assets in your name, not in complicated products or structures, never begging to get your money back from an institution, while being aware of what you actually own and not being charged hidden or secondary fees.


The Pitch

Karri Asset Advisors is an investment advisory firm.

We identify compelling global themes and trends, from which we find specific investment opportunities.

You will not be sold products, insurance nor a financial plan.

Our clients do not pay us any commissions and are not be required to open any accounts nor transfer any assets to us.

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Our business is to find and research equity investments for your portfolio, tell you when to buy or sell, execute the transactions and then manage the portfolio.

And sometimes, doing nothing might be the correct advice too.





Celebrating my 25th year, in the business as an investment advisor with financial firms such as Prudential-Bache Securities and Citi Smith Barney, whilst living in Singapore and Melbourne, I research, write and note all of my experience in order to benefit the investing outcomes for my clients and my family.

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We are stock pickers.

Our investment ideas mainly cover equities from Australia and around the world.